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Is your company faced with a milling problem?

For example, your current milling method:

  1. ·Delivers a particle size distribution that is insufficiently narrow (imposes costly 
        separation processes).
  2. ·Produces an excessive amount of over fine particles.
  3. ·Negatively affects material characteristics.
  4. ·Results in high energy-costs.
  5. ·Uses a wet process, imposing the need to dry the milled material. 

  6. All you need to do is:
  7. + Define your problem.
  8. + State your required specifications. 
  1. We will assess your data and if we consider our technology to be suitable to your needs, we will ask you to send us a sample of your material(s).

  2. An initial laboratory milling trial will be conducted free of charge, and the results returned for your evaluation.
Super-fine provides milling services for wide range of company with a variety of specialties:
 Teva, LTD, Chimagis LTD, Morre-tech Inc., Omrix Inc., Nano-Materials LTD, Pigmentan LTD, Gadot LTD

Super Fine Ltd. looks forward to hearing from you!