As principle, the company does not sell mills. Due to different considerations, we prefer to...

 Marketing strategy: 

In principle, the company does not sell mills.  Because of different considerations, we prefer to sell "milling services". There are two ways to receive the Vortex Technology services: 

1. Conducting the milling in our plant. The customer sends his materials for grinding and gets back the powder.
2. Installing a mill at the customer’s facility for an agreed-upon fee. This option can also be referred to as “Leasing”. 


 SSuper-Fine’s responsibilities 

1.  To provide a mill that meets your requirements in terms of quality and capacity. Super-Fine LTD. Commit for the mill performance as define in the leasing agreement
2.  To provide all necessary technical support to set up a milling line includes the ancillary equipment that includes our mill.
3.  To participate in the first run of the milling line, ensuring stabilization of its operation
4.  Supply all necessary technical and operational instructions
5.  Train the operators
6.  To provide technical service for the duration of the leasing contract, i.e. not only for the first year but for as long as the renewed contract is in place.
7.  In the event that you will want to use this mill for other materials other than the initially identified in this agreement, or for different requirement of the same material Super-Fine will supply all needed adjustments of the mill, free of charge, for additional milling requirements.

What are the advantages of the Super-Fine arrangement? 

1.  No significant capital investment, particularly when compared to purchasing a new mill. 
2.  No long term commitment - Ability to terminate the leasing contract in any time, after the first 2 years.
3.  Continuous technical support during the entire continued term of the contract.
4. Flexibility in using the milling line for different materials In order to produce different materials, the same mill may be able to be modified by Super-Fine by providing new components 
5. Flexibility to change the specifications of the powder in order to produce differentSuper-Fine, at its own expense, will modify the mill for the new specifications.
6. Super-Fine responsibility to the mill results. It committed to the customer he will get the powder and the requirement both agreed upon